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Haunted Mansion
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Haunted Mansions

New Orleans is rife with ghost stories of haunted mansions, and this sock is inspired by one of the city’s most spirited places, the LaLaurie Mansion on Royal Street. Rumors are still swirling around Madame Delphine LaLaurie and the brutal murders and tortured deaths of her slaves that were carried out within her 19th century French Quarter palace. The house is now said to be haunted by the countless ghosts who met their end by this socialite serial killer.

NOLA xILE socks utilize a thick sole and lightweight upper to give the wearer the all-day comfort of an athletic sock with the vibrant style of a dress sock – designed to wear cool in warm climates!

These are not cheapo tube socks or something you would’ve picked up on the sale rack. Our socks are extremely high-quality and designed for comfort, with an extra-thick padded sole and heel, so, they’re made for long-term comfy wear. Their quality and style makes them ideal for wear with business suits or casual attire for just kicking back with friends. Either way, they’re guaranteed to start conversation and instantly signal to everyone in the room who knows New Orleans that the wearer bears a close tie to the Crescent City. Designed and crafted in Louisiana for those who know what it means to miss New Orleans, the locals may be able to tell you where you got your shoes, but, they’ll really be wondering where you got your socks. There’s only one brand of socks with this quality and this much local personality – go with Nola Xile socks and your friends will not only know “where y’at,” but they’ll know where you’ve been.

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