NOLA SUP PUP Mission Statement

Nola Sup Pup was created from the passion of our owner's love of the outdoors and especially for watersports and her pet's companionship on these adventures. Her passion of the outdoors includes paddle boarding, jet skiing, kayaking, canoeing, surfing, boating, beaching, golfing, biking, and hiking. In all their adventures, she always has her fur babies' safety in mind. You will always see her rescue dogs, Snowball, Alligator, and Frankie, wearing life vests on for any water activity. They wear bike helmets when biking, and seat belts when traveling in a car.

Because of the time they spend on the water, they've noticed an increase in trash and debris in the water and on the beaches. They pick up as much of the trash they run into while on their paddleboard or boat to throw in the trash, and will pick up trash on the beaches as well. It's made their owner more conscious of the environment in her day-to-day life, so she recycles as much as possible.

The owner is a big advocate for rescue pets, as her fur babies are rescue pets themselves. They enter events and occasional fundraisers for local animal shelters. The owner, who was personally affected by Hurricane Katrina, has made donations to organizations that have helped animals affected by natural disasters. Some of these shelters helped provide rescue for animals from Hurricane Harvey, and horse rescues from the wildfires in California.

When the owner lost her job and was unable to help rescues and animals after natural disasters, this bothered her greatly. Thus, the idea of Nola Sup Pup was born, to create a place for people who love their pets and love the outdoors. A place where they can come to get great quality apparel and accessories for their adventures, and feel good about their purchases, knowing that part of their proceeds will go to animal shelters and organizations that help animals in need after natural disasters.

Apparel and Accessories for Pets and Their Humans Who Love the Outdoors!
We are all about pets and their humans getting outdoors and enjoying different sports, especially watersports. While enjoying the great outdoors, we try and promote environmentally sustainable materials and promote utilizing natural and recyclable materials as much as possible. Safety for our furry friends is also our primary concern!

Bernadette Alaniz